Twitter: Ramanean

Web/Android Apps

TextOnly Browser for Android

PlayText - Voice service

    Dial a number and Listen to a Website

TextHer - P2P Messaging app for Android

    TextHer is a P2P messaging app for Android where messages are not stored or routed through any server.

    Create your own 24/7 online TV channel from Youtube videos


    Android podcaster for all webpages.This app converts any webpage into a podcast.

Encrypt Facebook Chrome Extension

    Prevents snooping on Facebook groups by encrypting the discussions.

Tsunami Alerters

Delete Multiple Tweets

    Users would be able to delete multiple tweets in a easy way.


    Helps to find foursquarespecials for any region.


    Allows a user to tweet in over 81 different languages.
Future Projects

Virtual 3D App using HTML5 on Web and Android

Monopoly like Strategy Game

T1 mp3